Sustainable. Durable. Luxurious Quality

Our Technology

HGHER apparel is the result of extensive research, development and design processes. Protecting our environment and sustainable practices are key to delivering luxury quality. Our fabrics and production are carefully and responsibly sourced from the best Pima cotton farmers and producers who use recycled fibers located from our very own backyard to around the world.

Organic Pima Cotton

Not all Pima cottons are the same. Experience indulgently soft and luxuriously comfortable 100% Organic Pima Cotton sourced from California that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Performance Pima

HGHER’s proprietary hybrid blend fabric. Whether it's indoors or out, created for ultimate comfort, but engineered for performance. Our Performance Pima is produced sustainably with a tri-blend of fabrics that incorporates our Organic Pima Cotton and environmentally friendly fibers made from recycled bottles. Experience the ultimate comfort; buttery soft fibers, moisture wicking and odor resistant garments.