Core Fabric

Organic Pima


The worlds most comfortable garments begin at the source. Our fabrics were designed to be luxurious, good on your skin and good for the planet.


Pima is a superior luxury fiber known for its premium qualities of softness, smoothness, moisture-wicking and being extremely gentle on sensitive skin.

It's extra long fibers also means it is resistant to piling, making it more comfortable to wear and softer with every wash.


With a staple length that is approximately 50% longer than regular cotton, Pima cotton is twice as stronger, more durable, features better color retention and provides better moisture-wicking to keep you cool and dry. Our Organic Pima garments will last twice as long as other cotton garments, reducing waste to our environment.

Earth Friendly

We carefully consider our fabrics and use recycled materials when possible, working with our production partners to reduce waste, chemicals, and plastics that endanger our planets ecosystem.

Our Pima fabric is woven from responsibly sourced long staple cotton fibres that are harvested from 100% organic pima cotton and devoid of pesticides, representing less than 1% of the cotton grown in the world. Kinder to your body, kinder to our earth.